TestRight is a startup incubated at IIT Delhi and funded by Qualcomm and BIRAC.
We started with the development of a milk analyzer to check adulteration and soon realized how difficult it is to develop any application due to the unavailability of indigenous ecosystem. There was no Indian company that could provide us customized spectroscopy solutions within a feasible budget and support us in the development process. And that's how we started building our own spectrometer.

The R&D began in a small apartment of our Founder & CEO, Shubham Rathore. Soon it expanded to an interdisciplinary team of 8 engineers in the incubation facility at IIT Delhi. We were privileged to be mentored by Prof. Joby Joseph, (Physics Department, IIT Delhi), India's top scientist in diffractive optics.

Started with a pocket spectrophotometer, TestRight’s product range has now expanded to CCD-array Spectrometers, Fluorometers, Raman Spectrometers, Light Sources, Sampling Accessories, and Optical Fiber Probes providing solutions to measure Absorbance, Reflectance, Transmittance, Irradiance, Color, Raman, Fluorescence and other Luminescence forms in the UV/Vis/NIR wavelength range.
Today, TestRight's products are being used in countries like Israel, USA, South Korea, and France besides premier Indian institutions like IITs, DRDO and CSIRs.

We are thankful to the brilliant community of more than 1000 scientists, engineers, and businesses who have put their trust in us. We are supporting projects across various fields with our customized solutions - from testing bacterial load in coconut water to testing cancer at an
early stage.
As we grow, we will continue to innovate and lead the industry with affordable and reliable spectroscopy systems.