Awesome Features

Prizm+ (patent pending) introduces some of the best features in its category previously offered only in bulky and expensive benchtop spectrophotometers.
Have a look at the list of astounding features offered in the tiny pack.

Prizm+ :compact spectrophotometer

Compact design

Measures only 10x7x3 (in cms). Carry it in your shirt pocket to test on field.

Razor sharp resolution

Unmatched resolution of 1.5nm at the wavelength 550nm. Now resolve even more closely spaced peaks.

Extended wavelength range

Now study solutions with complete visible range - 400-750nm.

Real-time spectra

Study the changes in liquids with time with real-time data plotting.


Dimensions 10 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm
Weight 93 g
Wavelength Range 400 nm–750 nm (Visible)
Wavelength Resolution 1.5 nm at 550 nm
Wavelength Accuracy 1.8nm
Power Supply & Data Transmission Single USB cable connected to computer
  • No warm-up delay
  • Prolonged lifetime of 80,000 hours
  • High stability
Photometric Read Modes Absorbance, % Transmission
Modes Spectrum, Kinematics
Stray Light <0.3 % Transmission
Warranty 1 Year


Prizm+ (patent pending) is a portable and affordable visible light spectrophotometer with fluorescence capabilities. Measure Absorbance between 400 nm to 750 nm and analyze results.
TestRight's Spectrometry Software walks you through the process of calibration, performing a full spectrum scan, determining the optimum wavelength for study, and concentration and kinetics experiments. Software is available for Windows and Ubuntu operating systems.

  • Education
  • Emission Spectra of light sources
  • Absorbance and transmittance spectra
  • Beer's Law: concentration and absorbance
  • Fluorescence
  • Growth of cell cultures
  • Biological
  • Diagnostics
  • Water Testing
  • Milk Adulteration Testing
  • Soil Testing
  • Food Composition Analysis
  • Industry
  • Determine the true color of any material/dye
  • Light source's emission efficiency
  • Material composition analysis
  • Research
  • Develop applications for proof of concept
  • Build prototypes
  • Contact us for OEM


TestRight is a startup by team of graduates from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee.
TestRight is dedicated to the development of high performance analytical devices at economical prices for mass adoption. With Prizm+ we aim to disrupt the analytical market predominated by imported products.

Awards and recognitions

BIRAC, Government of India

BIRAC, Government of India

Awarded Biotechnology Ignition Grant
Startup India Scheme

Startup India Scheme

Awarded tax benefits
Falling Walls Labs India

Falling Walls Labs India

Won 2nd Prize
Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit

Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit

Top finalist in Idea stage
Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit

India Innovation Initiative

Top finalist. Exhibited stall.
Unconvention Delhi by Villgro


Among top 6 finalists
Unconvention Jaipur at Startup Oasis

Unconvention Jaipur

Selected for the finals and speed dating in Jaipur
BDL Accelerate

BDL Accelerate 2016

Selected for the finals in Lebanon

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